With Scott Pilgrim

Green therapy

When I saw this photo of Bryant Park I wanted to be there again, catching my breath in this oasis of green, soaking in all the wonders of New York City.

As much I yearn for international travel, I’m so fortunate, particularly in a world of lockdowns, that I have to walk only 200 metres to be immersed in the soulful beauty of green. And the older I get, the more I appreciate the need for a daily dose of green in my life.

Familiar local walking tracks, small inner-city grassed squares and gorgeous tree-lined suburban parks. The vastness of the forest, where day to day problems can so quickly fade against a backdrop of sheer beauty and size. Hidden gardens, where you can “smell the roses” and slow down enough to see and hear nature at play. School ovals where the “Swans” can take on “Richmond” and “grand finals” are won and lost. Riverbank walks, where the kids can climb trees, skim rocks, get mud on their shoes and celebrate simple pleasures.

Where you live, what are your favourite green spaces? What makes these places special?

Thank God for places green – places to breathe, places to come alive again!

Soul walking!

Meeting wonderful people from diverse backgrounds and seeing many different parts of the world are two blessings of my role. But a flip side is, I spend a lot of time away from home and this brings an emotional toll that I am very aware of. Technology helps us stay connected, but there’s nothing like…

Equality does not mean we’re all treated the same!

Some opponents to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament argue that it’s unfair, even racist, to specifically include references to First Nations people in the Australian Constitution. It’s a view that we will hear repeated many times in the months ahead. Former PM Tony Abbott has been pushing the unfair favouritism line in recent weeks. But…

Motherly kisses!

When I was a kid and fell off my bike, or tripped over in the house, or got hurt in backyard footy – what did I do? I ran to my mum for a comforting kiss. My knee was still bleeding or my arm was grazed, but there was power in my mother’s kiss! I’m…

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