Meeting wonderful people from diverse backgrounds and seeing many different parts of the world are two blessings of my role. But a flip side is, I spend a lot of time away from home and this brings an emotional toll that I am very aware of. Technology helps us stay connected, but there’s nothing like being at home with loved ones.

The older I get, the more I’m thankful for the importance walking plays in my self care. I would like to be running more but my health challenges has made this difficult. But long walks are good for my head, soul and aching body! It gets me out of hotel rooms and other people’s spaces, as nice as these may be, and allows me to breathe, pray, think, see and intentionally attend to my emotional health. It’s been great to clock up almost 30kms on foot over the past three days in Perth, before and after meetings and work engagements.

And as I walk, yes, I tend to snap more than a few photos!

I caught up with an old friend this morning. It had been way too long between coffees and we got talking about the importance of self care and giving attention to our mental health. My friend has taken up rowing as a new and intentional self-care initiative. If I’m honest, as a middle aged male, I don’t spend enough time sitting with others talking about this vital life subject. It was good to do this today with a safe mate and cheer each other on.

It’s something we all need – safe people and places to explore how we better nurture our hearts and minds, how we give attention to our emotional and spiritual health, how we take better care of ourselves!

As you read this post and view the many photos I post, thank you! You’re a participant in this pilgrim’s care journey.

Maybe this weekend – like me – it will be good for you to connect with a trusted friend and talk self care. It’s good for the soul!