When I was a kid and fell off my bike, or tripped over in the house, or got hurt in backyard footy – what did I do? I ran to my mum for a comforting kiss. My knee was still bleeding or my arm was grazed, but there was power in my mother’s kiss!

I’m thankful for how I was reminded of this rich image in church this morning. The beautiful reminder of how in many painful moments in my life, I have experienced God’s loving, caring, gracious motherly kiss!

I needed that reminder this morning. I miss my Mum but I’m so glad that I have a loving, embracing and comforting God who is with me in all seasons of life. A God who’s arms are always open.

I sense someone else may need to be reminded of this comforting reality today.

Yes my knees were still hurting, but my Mum’s embrace, my Mum’s warmth and comfort changed my focus. Today your circumstances may be very tough, but there is a Good Shepherd who yearns to walk closely alongside you, through the valleys of life. The days may still be hard but what a difference the loving motherly kiss of God can make!