All leaders face the choice at times – transparency or spin!

A friend of mine has recently been on the receiving end of spin, as he finished up in a job he had given his all to. The organisation’s communication about his departure didn’t tell the truth.

After being nastily pushed out of his job, my friend decided he didn’t have the energy to fight. He didn’t think he could beat the PR machine. His former employer champions their valuing of integrity. But the way my friend was treated was totally at odds with this so-called value.

Such action triggers things in me, as I’m sure it does for others who know the pain of an employer spinning an exit story to suit their own self-focused interests rather than present the truth.

All leaders face the temptation of PR spin, particularly when transparency requires courage and may come at a cost. Spin provides the easy way out but it erodes trust, loyalty and healthy organisational culture. It dishonours people.

It takes courage to be transparent. It takes courage for governance bodies to call out spin. Hard conversations and truth telling can be challenging, but this courageous course fosters authentic relationships and community, something spin can never do.

God, give me the courage to stare down the spin beast!