Kamil Grabara had a choice.

We all face this same choice at times. Say something encouraging, say nothing, or seek to score some cheap points at the expense of another’s mistake. Sadly Grabara chose the latter, with a cynical tweet, which spoke far more about his character than Socceroos’ captain Mat Ryan.

Shattered after the loss to Argentina and his costly error, Ryan was quick to own up in the sheds. Coach Graham Arnold highlighted how the team was quick to rally around Ryan. As one player said: “Mat’s been there, as our captain, when many of us have had a bad day. We will be there for him.”

That’s the stuff that builds a great team culture, a healthy family culture and authentic, gracious community.

Yes, good teams, and families as well, always beckon each other to give their best, but they also give each other permission to make mistakes. They have each other’s backs on good and bad days. They don’t ride on the mistakes of others.

Making the most of another’s failure is a choice we all face. Experience tells me we’re more prone to this when our motives are unchecked and our selfish agenda get in the way.The fact is only one of these two Copenhagen FC keepers was captaining his country in a World Cup round of sixteen. And Ryan has done his nation proud time and time again!

“It hurts a lot, but I won’t let it get the better of me or define me. I’ll come back stronger for it,” Ryan said after the heartbreaking loss yesterday.

When someone’s failure is right before us, let’s pause,  take care, and not fall into the Grabara trap!