I’ve been reflecting on the constant danger of not getting caught up in my own self importance as a leader. 

When a leader gets so caught up in their own self, humility and a genuine interest in others is often sadly overtaken by ego and the seductive pull of power. Self interest goes hand in hand with insecurity and quickly leads to self protection and the need for powerful allies, friends with perceived influence, people who open doors. Loyalty means little.

Research and personal experience suggest such egocentric leaders surround themselves with people who reinforce their power base, personal needs and strong opinions and they become more concerned with reputation than truth and turn a blind eye to issues that would tarnish their PR message. 

They don’t like people who rock the boat.

They don’t like being challenged. They shape a compelling public narrative, which often hides a lack of authentic accountability and transparency. Ultimately, success is shaped by brutal self advancement, which reflects nothing of how I see Jesus describing true greatness and servant leadership.

More and more, every day I see the privilege and joy of leadership, but also the dangers.

I can leave people better or worse as a result of my leadership. God help me to stay humble!