Spring Prayer

Spring is here!

The colours declare the season of hope has arrived.

And how we need hope in the midst of the enduring COVID winter.

God, spring afresh into my lockdown sameness.

Spring afresh into my stalled world and surprise me anew with wonder that is all around me.

Open my eyes …

To see little things to celebrate,

Familiar things to cherish,

New things to spark curiosity and delight,

Spring things, hopeful things, blossoming things.

God, spring afresh into my blinkered life.

Spring afresh into my self-centred thinking that I may see beyond myself with fresh perspective.

Open my eyes …

To the needs of my neighbours, friends, colleagues and strangers,

To stand more strongly with the voiceless,

To see how small acts of kindness mean so much in this season.

God, spring afresh into winter thinking.

Spring afresh and challenge my prejudices, pride, self-pity and all attitudes that hinder others.

Change my heart …

That I may love others, with no strings attached,

That I may be more courageous,

That I understand humility more,

That I may be willing to move beyond places of comfort,

To know and bring more Spring hope!

God, spring afresh into lockdown sameness.

Spring afresh with your enlivening Spirit,

Spring afresh that I may see joy in the ordinariness of the every day, even within my 5km zone.

Spring afresh that I may learn and grow,

Spring afresh that I may see new opportunities,

Spring afresh that I may see the hope of a new season,

And bring hope to those around me.