What’s your favourite sandwich? As I enjoyed a fantastic Reuben sandwich with a twist yesterday, I was thinking about how the humble sandwich has come a long way since my childhood.

Good Food has released a list of https://www.goodfood.com.au/eat-out/best-of/melbournes-best-new-sandwiches-2021-20210610-h1wewz.html highlighting how successive lockdowns have pushed sandwiches to a whole new level as chefs vie to showcase their talent and heritage between two slices of bread. 

From Kinder to Year 12 the legendary Vegemite on fresh white was my go-to, comfort lunch. There was no home-made spelt sourdough in sight!

Occasionally I splashed out with grated cheese. (Kraft “cheese” in a box). A high school special was a canteen sausage roll placed inside a buttered bread roll, topped with Smiths chips and tomato sauce! Megan’s response: “No wonder you now have stomach issues”.

Check out the Good Food list and you’ll see gourmet selections and fusion at its best. 

Melbourne loves bahn mi and chef Thi Le is offering up different versions at her Richmond location, including a roll with fresh house-made smoked, then grilled pork sausage, with makrut lime, fish sauce, lemongrass and garlic. 

Now that’s not your Bunnings’ snag sandwich, but it celebrates all that is good about food in Melbourne where so many cultures can meet at the sandwich bar.