When I saw this photo of Bryant Park I wanted to be there again, catching my breath in this oasis of green, soaking in all the wonders of New York City. Then my mind went to gorgeous green tracks of Cinque Terre.

When you think green spaces, what special places, large or small, come to mind?

The older I get, the more I appreciate my need for a daily dose of soul-giving green.

In a world of lockdowns and restrictions I’m fortunate to live alongside Wurundjeri Reserve and in a city full of pockets of green. From local bushland walking trails to small city grassed squares and gorgeous tree-lined suburban parks. Or an escape to the forest where problems can quickly fade against a backdrop of sheer size and beauty. 

The surprise of a hidden garden, where you can “smell the roses” and see nature at play or the kids’ school oval where the “Swans” can take on “Richmond” and “grand finals” are won and lost. And in a world of technology, the joy of  the kids by the river, climbing trees, skimming rocks and getting muddy.

Thank God for places green – places to breathe, places to come alive again!